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Sushi making experience Japan

Welcome to Sushi Making Experience Japan !

Let’s learn how to make the most representative dishes of Japan!

Memorable Hands-on Class of ” Authentic Sushi Making! “

Let’s learn how to make sushi!
You will be satisfied with both Sushi Making workshop and the taste of Sushi you will make!
Please enjoy various kinds of awesome and genuine Sushi. Ingredients are very fresh and delicious! A dessert and refreshments are also served.

After a tour you will be able to acquire everything you need to know about making sushi !

Omotenashi* in a typical Japanese apartment
*Omotenashi means to treat or entertain someone sincerely and warmheartedly in the Japanese way.

Since we will send both recipes and pictures data to your email

after the tour, you will be able to focus on hands-on lesson 100%!

Let’s learn how to create Genuine Sushi from professional Sushi Instructor !


Content of sushi making class

Let’s learn how to make sushi correctly under kind directions of a professional Sushi Instructor !

  1. Let’s learn about Sushi and Japan! (quiz contest)
  2. Let’s make Vinegared rice!
  3. Let’s make California Roll!
  4. Let’s make Decorative Sushi Roll!
  5. Let’s make 7 kinds of Nigiri Sushi!
  6. Let’s enjoy sushi you will make!
  7. Tea time (Enjoy Japanese traditional sweets and Japanese cold sweet milk tea)


7500 JPY  per person
(Including tax, Many kinds of Fresh ingredients, Japanese sweets, prize,Drink, Recipe, SLR camera pictures data, souvenir and Omotenashi)

Required per Booking

1 – 10 guests

Group tour over 11 guests is also welcome!  Please feel free to ask me.

I can hold Sushi Making Class at a rental space, meeting room, etc near your place.


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