My philosophy

hide mizobe

One of the most important things in my life is to tell the international tourists about wonderful Japanese traditional culture through Sushi class.

When I hear from them “I like Japan, I love Japanese people, delicious food, clean, safe country, and wonderful experiences I ever had in Japan”, I am always very moved as a Japanese person.

Since I began teaching how to make sushi, I have come to think about teaching about Japan trough this tour as my lifetime job.

I really want tourists to have lots of wonderful experiences and memories, while traveling in Japan and bring back with them to their countries.

My dream through my job is to increase Japanese Fans and repeat customers visiting Japan !!!

I love touching upon international cultures and talking with international tourists about lots of things all over the world.

I promise you to give wonderful experiences and memories in Japan through My Sushi Making Tour !!!


Professional Sushi Instructor

Hidetomo(Hide) Mizobe

I graduated from Tokyo Sushi Academy and got Diploma in Japanese Traditional Style sushi.

I have given wonderful memories to more than 1,000 tourists through sushi making experiences.

I studied English at UBC in Vancouver Canada for 9 months as an exchange program student during Ritsumeikan university student.

I work for the global company for weekdays and am a professional Sushi Instructor for weekends,so I can expand conversation from both business and  Sushi Chef stand points of view.


Instagram : Sushi Making Experience Japan