2019 & 2018 year Certificate of Excellence“ by Trip advisor!!!

Let’s learn how to make Genuine Sushi from professional Sushi Instructor !

Sushi making lesson in japan 
Sushi making lesson in japan

Content of sushi making class

Let’s learn how to make sushi correctly under kind directions of a professional Sushi Instructor !

  1. Let’s learn about Sushi and Japan! (quiz contest)
  2. Let’s make Vinegared rice!
  3. Let’s make California Roll!
  4. Let’s make Decorative Sushi Roll!
  5. Let’s make 7 kinds of Nigiri Sushi!
  6. Let’s enjoy sushi you will make!
  7. Tea time (Enjoy Japanese traditional sweets and Japanese cold sweet milk tea)

Tour goal

Are you ready to be a Sushi Chef !!!?

Our main goal is to offer a great quality Sushi Making Experience with the various kinds of fresh and tasty ingredients in a typical Japanese apartment and warm-hearted Japanese Omotenashi.

You will master how to create Sushi properly by a Professional Sushi Instructor during this sushi class.

You’ll impress your friends back home !!!

Or why don’t you launch Sushi Restaurant in your country ?!


Tour plan and price

Experience Class Schedule

Every Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays

  • Morning tour  10:00 – 13:00
  • Afternoon tour 15:00 – 18:00
  • From 1st to 10th Aug during Tokyo2020 Olympic are open !!!

Please check out the available dates on the calendar of this page.


7500 JPY  per person
(Including tax, Many kinds of Fresh ingredients, Japanese sweets, prize,Drink, Recipe, SLR camera pictures data, souvenir and Omotenashi)

Required per Booking

【1 – 14 guests】      (at an instructor’s house)

【More than 15 guests】 (at a rental conference room)

Group tour over 15 guests is also welcome!  Please feel free to ask me. I have already held many group lessons as follows,

   ◇Sejinjuku 【11 guests】 

   ◇ELCHK, Youth Career Development Service  【12 guests】 

   ◇Caterpillar Inc. from the USA  【10 guests】 

 ◇Elementary school students at Shinga S club Ichigaya【10 guests】

 ◇Hitach systems【21 guests】 at a rental conference room

 ◇Endeavor Global 【47 guests】at a rental conference room

 ◇Dutch Paralympic swimming team 【15 guests】at a rental conference room

 ◇Dutch Paralympic Rowing team 【19 guests】at a rental conference room

 ◇Dutch Olympic Rowing team 【9 guests】at a rental conference room

 ◇Dutch Olympic Gymnastics team 【16 guests】at a rental conference room

 ◇KFC corporation Singapore 【9guests】

Conductor Language

English or Japanese is available.
Some Mandarin-Chinese is available.

Food Allergy, Restrictions

We can meet your requests for ingredients flexibly in accordance with your food allergy or restriction.

Please inform me via contact form in advance, so I can prepare for alternative ingredients.


  1. Please book via application form , or contact me via contact form.
  2. We will send you a confirmation e-mail.
  3. We will answer if we can accept your request or not.

We can meet your requests regarding start time, food restriction, allergy, etc.

Further information

Normal question or message is here
Phone: +81 90 6118 2632

Place and Access

Instructor’s Home (Japanese typical apartment) at Tsunashima in Yokohama very close to Central Tokyo!

It’s very close and convenient from Tokyo (Shibuya, Roppongi, Shinjuku, and so on)  !!!

Let’s meet at Tsunashima Station [TY14] on Tokyu Toyoko Line.

キャプチャ  << Meeting Place (Just outside the main ticket gate)

From following Station to Tsunashima Station [TY14].


Shibuya 21min. By Tokyu Toyoko Line
Roppongi 29min. By Metro Hibiya Line & Tokyu Toyoko Line
Shinjuku Sanchome 31min. By Metor Fukutoshin Line (via Tokyu Line)
Ikebukuro 28min By Metor Fukutoshin Line (via Tokyu Line)
Yokohama 9min By Tokyu Toyoko Line
Shin-Yokohama 12min By JR & Tokyu Toyoko Line
Tokyo 35min By JR Yamanote Line & Tokyu Line


You can use this website to get easy directions to Tsunashima Station!


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